International Asparagus Meeting 2022

2022, November 23 – Conference Centre, Karlsruhe Trade Fair Centre

Picture (from left to right): Guy Dubon, Michael Koch, Will Teeuwen, John Chinn, Frédéric Faillières, Isabelle Kokula,
Amélie Lachapelle, Dimitris Gkouderis, Christian Befve, Marcello Sbrighi, Antonio Zamora, Eva Harti

Credit: VSSE e.V. / Jürgen Rösner

For the first time, the VSSE organised the International Asparagus Meeting (IAM) alongside the trade journal Asparagus World. During the IAM, speakers presented topics on asparagus production in individual European countries and beyond. The goal was to familiarise participants with asparagus cultivation in individual countries, discuss market conditions, and avoid the potential for excess production.

The International Asparagus Meeting was an opportunity to exchange views on asparagus cultivation between different European countries and intended to propose the basics of a European Asparagus Observatory. Please find here for your information the sleeds of the speakers.

10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. – Part 1: Presentation of asparagus production in Europe and Canada


Canada: Amelie Lachapelle, Consultant Innovterra - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Greece: Dimitris Gkouderis, Agronomist, Novagreen - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Spain: Antonio Zamora, President of the Interprofessional Association of Green Asparagus in Spain - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Italy: Marcello Sbrighi, Director of the nursery cooperative and producer of 3,000,000 crowns - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

France: Frédéric Faillières, Business Manager for Northern Europe and Operations Manager in France Planasa, Administrator AOP Asperge de France - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Great Britain: John Chinn, Owner and Manager Cobrey Farm - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Netherlands: Will Teeuwen, Director Teboza - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Germany: Michael Koch, Divison Manager of Horticulture AMI - Presentation (EN) | Präsentation (D)

Moderation: Isabelle Kokula, Official consultant, Karlsruhe District Office (Landratsamt Karlsruhe)

11.30 a.m. to 11.45 a.m. – Part 2: Presentation of the European Asparagus Observatory (Mr. Befve)

Presentation (EN/D) | Presentation (F/S)

11.45 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. – Part 3: Opinions of the speakers about the idea of the European Asparagus Observatory

Moderation: Guy Dubon, Co-Editor-in-Chief of the Asparagus World Magazine and website and Editor-in-Chief of Réussir Fruits&Légumes (professional information magazine on arboriculture and market gardening in France)